Volunteer Forms and Resources

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with On Point for College. Below are links to a number of forms and resources you may find helpful in your volunteer experience.

Volunteer Application Items:

Volunteer Application

If you are new to volunteering with On Point or are just getting back into volunteering, please take a moment to fill out our volunteer application here.

Background Check Request Form

On Point for College runs a criminal background check and driver history report on all prospective volunteers. The information on the form can be emailed to volunteer@onpointforcollege.org or called in to 315-741-0607 for processing. To download a copy of the form, click here.

New York State Anti-Harassment Training

Since 2019, New York State has required that all employees or volunteers of organizations with 15 employees or more complete and annual Anti-Harassment Training. You can find instructions on how to access and complete this training here.

Mutual Expectations Agreement

On Point for College requests that all volunteers complete a Mutual Expectations Agreement after attending Volunteer Orientation. 

Volunteer Orientation Presentation

If you would like a copy of On Point for College's Volunteer Orientation Presentation, you can download it here

Accessing the Volunteer Database

On Point for College utilizes the interface Opptuna to notify volunteers of upcoming opportunities. Currently, the database is used to sign up for transportation opportunities but we anticipate updates soon. If you have issues accessing the database, please direct your questions to the Volunteer Coordinator. You can find instructions on how to access the volunteer database here.

Media Release

We modified our volunteer application in August 2020 to include a Media Release (see question below). If you submitted a volunteer application prior to August 3, 2020, or have not yet completed a media release elsewhere, please click here to submit one now.

This is the new Media Release question that was added to the volunteer application in August 2020:

Media Release Question

Volunteer Training and Resources: 

Volunteer/ Student Interaction Form

On Point for College asks volunteers to provide feedback after working with our students. All feedback is reviewed by our advisor staff. They will follow-up with students in need of further assistance. It is best to submit an interaction form within 24-48 hours after working with a student. If a student has an emergency need, volunteers should call the Lead Advisor responsible for the office they are working with. To access the form, click here.

Note: Interactions forms should also be submitted when volunteers attempt an interaction, but are unsuccessful. For instance: when a student cancels their appointment or an outreach call goes to voicemail. 

Virtual Tutoring Resources

On Point for College has developed methods for volunteers to provide tutoring support to our students utilizing virtual technology. Access our Virtual Tutoring Guidelines for Success here

Volunteer Driver Resources

Volunteers interested in providing transportation for our students must provide proof of car insurance and a copy of their driver's license. This information can be emailed to volunteer@onpointforcollege.org.

The following resources are available to those who have completed driver training:

  1. Slides from our Volunteer Driver Training Presentation can be accessed here.
  2. Instructions on signing up for a ride request in the volunteer database can be accessed here.
  3. Volunteer Driver Safety Guidelines can be accessed here.
  4. The Volunteer Driver COVID-19 Waiver can be accessed here
  5. The COVID-19 Check-in Survey can be accessed here

Volunteer Outreach Resources

The following resources are available to those who have completed outreach training:

  1. Volunteer Outreach Expectations can be accessed here.
  2. Volunteer Outreach Script & Questions can be accessed here.
  3. Slides from our Volunteer Outreach Training Presentation can be accessed here.