Cortland County

Since 2018, On Point for College has also offered our services in Cortland County. Today, we our building our presence in the county through regular outreach at the Cortland Youth Bureau. Students from Cortland are eligible for the many of the same core college access and success services On Point for College has offered for more than two decades. 

These services are 100% free and include:

  • Help applying for college, certificate programs, or other training programs
  • Help filling out FAFSA's and applying for financial aid
  • Pre-college orientation for new students
  • Free college supplies
  • College tours and more!

For the latest information about connecting with On Point in Cortland County, please call contact Director, Advancement and Completion Tiffany C. Rush at (315) 418-0254 or by emailYou can also check out our mobile sites schedule here.