Who We Serve

Research has shown that if a student’s parents didn’t go to college, the student is half as likely to attend college as his or her peers. If that student grew up in poverty, their likelihood of attending college decreases even further. Since our inception in 1999, On Point for College has worked tirelessly to offer our students a chance to overcome the odds and achieve a college education.

The majority of On Point for College students are:

  • First-generation college students (over 90%)
  • Low-income students whose families believe college is financially impossible
  • High school graduates or GED recipients who didn’t go to college immediately out of school and now have no access to the guidance and support services available to current students
  • Young adults who have no parent in their lives (30% of our students), including those who are homeless, aging out of foster care, and refugees
  • Adults who have been involved with the court system, who are in recovery, or who are seeking a new path

With On Point’s support, our students are beating the national average for freshman-to-sophomore-year persistence rates—not just for low-income students, but for all students.