Career Services

About our Career Services Program

Our Career Services team provides a range of services designed to help On Point students and graduates find career opportunities and employment that aligns with their skills and educations.

The ideal new Career Services participant is:

  1. Already enrolled in the On Point for College program.
  2. Currently attending college or a training or certificate program OR a graduate of a college or training or certificate program. On Point students who have stepped away from their educational programs and are looking to find work are also encouraged to get in touch.

Some of On Point’s free career services include:

  • One-on-one advising to discuss your employment needs, interests, and goals
  • Support with identifying jobs and preparing applications
  • Support with preparing great resumes and cover letters
  • Help practicing and preparing for interviews
  • Help developing professional etiquette and skills
  • Providing opportunities to meet and network with potential employers and other professionals to learn about current job opportunities
  • Placement in paid pre-professional internships
  • Connecting to job shadowing opportunities

Ready to connect with our Career Services team? Get in touch here.

Services for Employers

On Point for College is a regional leader in connecting companies and organizations to diverse talent with the skills and education necessary to succeed in today’s economy. We provide our employer partners with a range of services, including:

  • Hosting regular networking opportunities for employers and job seekers to connect
  • Conducting employer site visits and needs assessments to ensure the best matched placements
  • Working with employers to identify talent pools of interest and recruit potential employees
  • Providing ongoing support and follow-up advising to ensure that both employers and program participants are satisfied with placements
  • Funding support to host for paid pre-professional internship experiences for On Point for College students and graduates

Ready to become an employer partner? Get in touch here.