TamicachiefcroppedWe have a saying at On Point for College: “Once On Point, always On Point.”

Whether you’re looking to stay connected after graduation, reconnect after having been away for a while, or thinking of returning to school, there’s always a place for our alumni at On Point for College.

Interested in staying connected or reconnecting:

One of the best ways to stay connected to On Point is by joining and participating in our Career Services program. The Career Services program provides support for students and alumni just getting started in their careers, looking to change jobs or careers, and seeking support with ongoing professional development throughout their careers. The program also hosts frequent events where alumni can connect with other alumni, mentor current students, and network with other professionals in the community.

Over the years, we’ve also had many of our alumni return to us as On Point for College volunteers. Whether it’s by transporting students to and from college, assisting with resumes / cover letters and interview preparation, helping with fund raising and event organizing, mentoring students, or even just spreading their On Point stories across the community, we love it when our alumni are able to share the benefits of their On Point for College experiences with our current and future students. Whether you’re looking to volunteer regularly or just help out once in a while, On Point has a place for you.

Not interested in our Career Services program or don’t have time to volunteer? Don’t worry, we also love it when our alumni call, email, or stop by our offices just to say “Hello” and let us know how you’re doing.

Interested in returning to school:

Already graduated or been a way for a while, but interested in returning to school? On Point for College is here to help.