Services for Program Participants

Jobs 2On Point for College's Career Services program provides a comprehensive package of services designed to help you develop the skills and materials necessary to be competitive in today’s job market. We also facilitate a range of events and activities where you will network and connect with local employers.

Some of our services include:

  • One-on-one advising to discuss your employment needs, interests, and goals
  • Support with identifying jobs and preparing applications
  • Support with preparing great resumes and cover letters
  • Helping you practice and prepare for interviews
  • Helping you develop professional etiquette and skills, like communicating with employers, maintaining effective professional relationships, and dressing for success
  • Helping you develop professional skills throughout your career
  • Providing opportunities to meet and network with potential employers and other professionals and learn about current job opportunities
  • Helping you identify and connect with other career resources that might be a good fit (e.g., college career development offices, job training/placement agencies)
  • Providing limited financial assistance if you need support with job market start-up supplies, uniforms, additional skills training, qualifying exams, and/or certifications

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On Point for College students or graduates interested in participating in the Career Services program should contact us here.

Career Services program participants interested in attending an upcoming event should check out the calendar of events here. Please note that you may be required to register for an event before attending.