On Point For College Is Dedicated
to making higher education accessible for all students

On Point for College was founded in 1999 for the purpose of making higher education accessible to all students regardless of income or circumstances. Today, we help more than 400 students per year begin or return to college degree, certificate, and professional training programs. We support our students at every step along the way, from application to financial aid, registration to transportation, graduation to entry into the workforce. Whether you’re just getting started, are already in, or are looking to return to school, if you have a higher education goal, On Point for College is here to help you achieve it.

  • Signing Up with On Point

    Ready to sign up or want to learn more about what On Point for College does? Check us out.

  • College Admissions Assistance

    Ready to apply or still figuring out where to apply? On Point can help.

  • Financial Aid

    Need help understanding your options or figuring out how to pay for school? On Point’s advisors know the financial aid process inside and out.

  • College Tours

    Want to be sure your future school is the right fit? Join us on a college tour.

  • Transportation

    Need help moving or getting to or from college? On Point’s got your back.

  • Orientation

    Gathering supplies and getting ready for school? On Point can help with that too.

  • Other Services

    Need help with a special situation or have an unusual request? On Point will do whatever we can to assist you.

  • Mobile Sites

    On Point for College advisors regularly travel to a number of additional sites throughout the community.

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