Signing Up

Signing UpOn Point for College removes the barriers and opens the doors to higher education for those who didn’t think it was possible. We are an open enrollment program meaning that we are open to everyone. We will help you along the way to achieving any higher education goal – whether it’s a two or four year college program, graduate or professional school, a certificate, or another type of professional training.

While the majority of our students are low-income, first-generation, current or future college students ages 17-29, we also serve a number of older, nontraditional students who are looking to begin or further their educations.

Signing up with On Point is as easy as stopping by our Syracuse or Utica offices during normal business hours (9 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday), or by visiting one of our many mobile sites (which also have evening hours) throughout the community.

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