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Partner with On Point for College

On Point for College actively partners with a diverse range of local organizations and entities. These relationships help us to identify and recruit potential students, support students throughout their college journeys and beyond, and create, fund, and execute special projects.  

Some of our partners include:

  • Community centers
  • Churches and faith-based organizations
  • Colleges and universities
  • Community-based organizations
  • Corporations
  • Civic organizations
  • Local, state, and federal government entities
  • Foundations
  • Employers

Bring On Point for College to Your Community

Do you know of young adults or older youth in your community who could be on a college path but may believe they have missed their opportunity or that college is out-of-reach due to financial, academic, or personal circumstances?

On Point for College’s College Access & Success Programs have nearly two decades of experience helping youth and young adults facing seemingly insurmountable barriers to find a pathway to college.

First established in Syracuse, New York in 1999, On Point for College has since successfully replicated our full College Access & Success Program in Utica, New York and our College Success Program through a partnership with Goddard Riverside Community Center in Manhattan and New Settlement Apartments in the Bronx, with the support of a New York State Higher Education Services Corporation College Access Challenge Grant.

With a multi-year investment of start-up funding, we can bring On Point for College’s model to your community. Partner with On Point and you’ll benefit from our student-centered program model, including everything from knowledge and framework sharing to training and full program replication. We’ll even teach you how to build community support, identify the stakeholders needed to support a program, and hire and train compassionate staff.

Want to learn more about partnering with On Point for College or bringing our methodology to your community? Contact us here.