Helping Students Create a Better Future During a Pandemic

POSTED Aug 7, 2020

OnPoint SU 10 18 365

Syracuse-founded On Point for College helps students ages 17 to 29 create a better future for themselves by helping get into college or any post-secondary career. During a pandemic, the activities they can do become limited.

Before the pandemic, the organization's executive director says they would do a lot of gatherings at community centers to help students.

"We’re doing a lot of that introduction by Zoom," Samuel Rowser said. "The impact is going to delay educational opportunities that students were really looking forward to continuing."

The group works with over 400 students across Syracuse and Utica. Currently, Rowser says that number is about half.

"A lot of students are not sure if we’re open, not sure what they should be doing," he said. "They may not be getting the direction that they need and heading in the path they need to go to to prepare for their future."

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OnPoint SU 10 18 365