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On Point and NBT Bank Announce Career Advisor Partnership

POSTED Jul 28, 2023

UTICA, NY (July 27, 2023)—On Point for College is excited to announce a new dedicated Career Advisor position, funded by NBT Bank, that will focus on developing and empowering prospective...
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Alum Breana Nieves Vergara Strives to Cultivate Enriching Mentorship Opportunities for Students

POSTED Sep 16, 2022

Not having access to a formal peer mentoring program didn’t hold back Syracuse native Breana Nieves Vergara as she made her way through Ithaca College as a sociology major.
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On Point in the New York Times: How Refugees Transformed a Dying Rust Belt Town

POSTED Jun 4, 2022

On Point for College Utica advisor LuPway Doh and Mohawk Valley Community College and Suny Poly grad Pri Paw were recently featured in an article by the New York Times:
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On Point in the Washington Post: When a sudden, small expense threatens an entire college career

POSTED Jan 31, 2022

He’d beaten the odds just to get accepted, filling out all the paperwork and meeting all the deadlines, despite growing up in a family in which no one had ever...
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