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On Point for College Wins Big at the Polls

POSTED Nov 6, 2019

SYRACUSE, NY — Tuesday, November 5th, 2019 marked a historic day for On Point for College. Three of the program's alumni sough in local races and all three were victorious.
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On Point Alum Goes One-on-One

POSTED Sep 13, 2019

SYRACUSE, NY - Sitting in the lunchroom one day, then-Henninger High School student Brandon Hanks overheard some friends from the basketball team talking about signing up for On Point for...
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On Point Founder Featured in the Washington Post

POSTED Jun 12, 2019

Ginny Donohue at On Point for College in Syracuse, N.Y. (Todd F. Michalek/For The Washington Post)
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On Point Featured on CBS This Morning

POSTED May 24, 2019

For 76-year-old Paul Goetchius, retirement is not a time for slowing down – rather, he's speeding up. He spends much of his time along the open roads of upstate New York.
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On Point Celebrates 20 Years

POSTED Apr 5, 2019

SYRACUSE — A night to celebrate some of Central New York's most hard working and dedicated students. Syracuse-based On Point for College has helped more than 2,500 people graduate from college.
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